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  • Do Bank Muamalat Acquisition Rumors Plague Shares of Bank Rakyat Indonesia?

    Shares of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), one of the leading commercial banks in Indonesia, have fallen around 21 percent so far in 2018. Considering the recent capital outflows from Indonesia amid the high degree of uncertainty in global financial markets, it makes sense that shares of BRI are hit hard. After all, it is one of the blue chip stocks that is likened by foreign investors. However, a rumor - that says BRI wants to acquire a stake in Bank Muamalat Indonesia - may add pressures on BRI shares.

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  • Eleven more IPOs Expected on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2013

    It is believed that a total of eleven Indonesian companies are going to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) in the second half of 2013 on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Up to July, 24 companies have already been listed on the IDX and raised a combined IDR 12,79 trillion (USD $1.25 billion) of funds. Of the eleven companies that are expected to conduct an IPO in Semester II-2013, three were actually planned to be conducted in Semester I-2013 but were postponed.

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