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Latest Reports Consumer Confidence Index

  • Consumer Confidence Indonesia Up, Among Highest Worldwide

    Indonesia improved in the consumer confidence index that is compiled and released by market research agency Nielsen. With 122 points Indonesia was the third-most confident nation in the world (after India and the Philippines) in the 3rd quarter of 2016. Compared to one year ago, Indonesia's score improved six points. Indonesia's consumer confidence has improved each quarter so far in 2016 amid accelerating economic growth, controlled inflation at around 3 percent (y/y), and a stable - or actually stronger - rupiah exchange rate.

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  • Indonesia's Consumer Confidence Slightly Weaker in February 2016

    Indonesia's consumer confidence regarding the country's macroeconomic conditions weakened in February 2016. Bank Indonesia's Consumer Confidence Index dropped 2.6 points to 110. The survey indicates that there are two reasons that explain this decline. Firstly, lower optimism about current economic conditions of Indonesia and, secondly, lower optimism regarding job availability over the next six months. Bank Indonesia's monthly survey is based on data provided by 4,600 households in 18 Indonesian cities across the archipelago.

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  • Consumer Confidence: Why are Indonesian Consumers more Optimistic?

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) reported that Indonesian consumers are becoming increasingly optimistic about economic prospects and their personal financial situation this year, evidenced by a 5.1 point rise in Bank Indonesia's Consumer Confidence Index to 112.6 points in January 2016. This index is based on a survey, involving 4,600 households in 18 cities across the archipelago (a reading above 100 indicates optimism, while a reading below 100 indicates pessimism).

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  • Bank Indonesia Survey: Indonesian Consumers More Optimistic

    Good news at the start of the new year. Indonesia's consumer confidence has risen in December 2015 according to the latest Bank Indonesia survey. Consumer optimism means that consumers are more likely to purchase goods hence giving ammunition for accelerated economic growth (domestic consumption accounts for about 55 percent of the nation's total economic growth). The portion of income that respondents use for consumption rose 0.6 percent month-on-month (m/m) to 69 percent of their income.

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  • Indonesia’s Consumer Confidence Falls in the First Half of 2015

    Although consumer confidence among Indonesian consumers remained relatively high, there has been a decline detected in 2015. Consumer optimism has fallen as Indonesia’s economy is growing at its slowest pace in six years due to worldwide low commodity prices (giving rise to Indonesia’s weak export performance), China's economic slowdown, uneven recoveries in the US and Europe, while spending of the Indonesian government remained weak (amid bureaucratic hurdles and difficult land acquisition for projects).

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  • Consumer Confidence Indonesia Falling: Less Ramadan & Idul Fitri Shopping

    The latest survey of Bank Indonesia shows that consumer confidence in Indonesia has fallen in June 2015 on fears of shrinking job availability as well as declining income and business activity. Last month, the central bank’s Consumer Confidence Index fell 1.5 points to 111.3. This year so far, Indonesian consumer confidence only rose in May. In other months the index fell. Bank Indonesia’s Consumer Confidence Index is based on samples of 4,600 households in 18 major cities in Indonesia (100 separates optimism from pessimism).

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  • Bank Indonesia’s Consumer Confidence Index Signals Improved Optimism

    The latest Consumer Confidence Index, compiled by the central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) shows that Indonesian consumers have become more optimistic about their economic prospects in May 2015. The index rose to 112.8 points in May, up 5.4 points from the preceding month (a score higher than 100.0 signal consumer optimism). It was the first time this year that Bank Indonesia’s Consumer Confidence Index, which is based on a sample of 4,600 household in 18 major Indonesian cities, increased.

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  • Nielsen: despite Economic Slowdown Consumer Confidence Indonesia Strong

    Despite Indonesia currently experiencing slowing economic growth, Indonesian consumers remain optimistic. According to Nielsen’s latest Consumer Confidence Index, published on Wednesday (20/05), Indonesia was the second most optimistic country (after India) in terms of consumer confidence in the first quarter of 2015. Indonesia collected 123 points through the online survey that not only measures consumer confidence but also the major concerns and spending intentions of consumers.

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  • Central Bank Survey Indicates Rising Consumer Confidence in Indonesia

    Indonesians' consumer confidence has increased in January 2014 according to the latest survey conducted by Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia). The outcome of the survey indicated a rise of Indonesia's Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) from 116.5 in December 2013 to 116.7 in January 2014¹. This index illustrates consumer perceptions of current economic conditions compared to conditions in the previous six months as well as the expectations of Indonesian consumers for economic conditions in the next six months.

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  • Indonesia's Household Consumption and Optimism Up in November 2013

    Household consumption in Indonesia has improved in November 2013 according to Bank Indonesia's Consumer Survey. The central bank's Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) rose 4.8 points to 114.3 points. This improvement is attributable to increased available job opportunities and increased purchases of durable goods ahead of Christmas 2013 and New Year. Lastly, Indonesian consumers are more positive about Indonesia's economic condition in the coming six months.

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Latest Columns Consumer Confidence Index

  • Consumer Confidence in Indonesia Declines in December 2014

    The latest survey of Indonesia’s central bank indicates that consumer confidence fell in December 2014. The central bank’s Consumer Confidence Index fell 3.6 points to 116.5 in the last month of 2014 (a score above 100 signals optimism among consumers) due to the impact of higher subsidized fuel prices implemented in November 2014. This move triggered higher prices of products and services. The central bank’s Consumer Confidence Index is based on interviews with 4,600 households in 18 Indonesian cities.

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