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  • Corporate Income Tax Indonesia to Be Cut in 2017?

    Indonesia is still planning to revise the nation's tax tariff system, specifically corporate income tax and value-added tax (VAT). Indonesia's corporate income tax rate could be cut to 17 percent, from 25 percent currently. The plans were confirmed this week by Indonesian President Joko Widodo as well as Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati. Lowering Indonesia's corporate income tax to 17 percent - matching Singapore's tariff - would make it more attractive for investors to move, or keep, their business in Indonesia.

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  • Indonesia Removes Global Bonds' Withholding Tax to Cut Yields

    The Finance Ministry of Indonesia announced that it has removed a withholding tax on interest payments on its global sovereign bonds (surat berharga negara, or SBN). Previously this tax was set at 15 percent for Indonesia-based investors and 20 percent for non-resident investors. By removing the withholding tax Indonesia's authorities aim to see its global bond yields fall by 15-20 percent. Indonesia's bond yields have been the highest in Southeast Asia. The removal of the withholding tax is effective retroactively from 1 January 2016.

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  • Income Tax on Indonesia's Government Bonds to Be Removed?

    The Indonesian government is studying whether to remove the income tax on sovereign bonds (surat berharga negara, or SBN) which is currently set at 15 percent for Indonesia-based investors and 20 percent for non-resident investors. The Indonesian Finance Ministry and Financial Services Authority (OJK) will include this topic in the revision of the Income Tax Law (that is to be proposed to the House of Representatives in early 2017). Other revisions include a lower corporate income tax and a higher non-taxable income rate for individuals.

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  • Stocks & Currency: How Did Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Perform Today?

    Stocks in Asia were mostly up on Tuesday (12/04) supported by the weaker Japanese yen (retreating after a seven-day rally again the US dollar) and rising commodity prices (with crude oil touching a 2016 high at USD $43 per barrel after the US dollar weakened). Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index rose 0.89 percent to 4,829.57 points, while the rupiah appreciated 0.14 percent to IDR 13,115 per US dollar (Bloomberg Dollar Index). Several analysts claim that the positive performance of Indonesian assets was also due to the government's plan to cut the corporate income tax to 20 percent and raise the non-taxable personal income tax by 50 percent.

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  • Corporate Tax Indonesia Not to Be Cut Before 2016

    On Monday (11/05) it was reported - quoting an Indonesian tax official - that Indonesian President Joko Widodo had already ordered to cut the country’s corporate tax rate from 25 percent currently to below 18 percent in a bid to attract more investment and to make Indonesia’s business environment more competitive (for example, Singapore’s corporate tax is currently 17 percent). One day later, however, Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro stated that, if the corporate tax is to be revised, it will be next year at the earliest.

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Latest Columns Corporate Tax

  • Tax System Indonesia: Plans to Cut Corporate Income Tax to 20%

    More changes to Indonesia's tax system are in the pipeline. Today (11/04), Indonesia's Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said Southeast Asia's largest economy plans to cut the corporate income tax rate to 20 percent this year (from 25 percent currently). According to Brodjonegoro a 20 percent corporate tax rate is more competitive and will attract investment. Indonesia's finance minister expressed this plan in a meeting with the nation's parliamentary commission overseeing taxes (an income tax rate cut requires parliamentary approval).

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  • Government of Indonesia to Cut Personal & Corporate Income Tax

    Good news for taxpayers in Indonesia. The Indonesian government plans to lower personal income tax, which currently ranges between 5 and 30 percent, in early 2016. Indonesian Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said lower personal income tax will make it easier for taxpayers to comply with the tax law, while giving a boost to Indonesians' purchasing power. However, he declined to inform to what extent personal income tax will be cut as this is still being studied.

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