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  • Jakarta-Bandung Railway Project Plagued by Land Acquisition Trouble

    One of the biggest problems in relation to infrastructure development or construction projects in Indonesia is the land acquisition process. Many projects have been delayed - or cancelled altogether - because local land owners refuse to sell their land to the developers of the project, or, they only agree to sell land at very costly prices.

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  • Infrastructure Indonesia: Loan for Jakarta-Bandung Railway Signed

    A large chunk of the costs for the development of Indonesia's first high-speed railway - between the capital city of Jakarta and Bandung - is covered now a consortium of Indonesian and Chinese companies signed a USD $4.5 billion loan with the China Development Bank. This loan should cover about 75 percent of the total (estimated) costs to develop this railway. In 2015 the Indonesian government, rather unexpectedly, awarded the contract for this project to China, sidestepping Japan that thought it would be appointed to establish this railway.

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  • Construction Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway Project to Start?

    Next week construction of the high-speed Jakarta-Bandung railway project may finally start as the government is set to issue the necessary construction permit that allows for the development of Indonesia's first-ever high-speed railway project. This railway will connect Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta to the city of Bandung in West Java. Although the groundbreaking ceremony was conducted in January 2016 the project - similar to many other infrastructure projects in Indonesia - has been plagued by a long delay.

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  • Wika Beton to Benefit from Jakarta-Bandung Railway Project

    One of the Indonesian companies - listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange - that is in a great position to improve its corporate earnings on the back of the construction of the country's first high-speed railway is Wijaya Karya Beton (Wika Beton). The railway between Jakarta and Bandung has a length of 142 kilometers and requires a large amount of precast concrete. Moreover, Wika Beton is a subsidiary of Wijaya Karya. This construction company is among the companies that develop the Jakarta-Bandung railway.

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  • New Cities and Economic Centers along the Jakarta-Bandung Railway

    Indonesia's first high-speed train, which will run between Jakarta and Bandung (in West Java) is expected to give rise to new economic centers and cities along the 142 kilometers-long railway. Construction of the project, estimated to cost a total of USD $5.5 billion, is scheduled to kick off on 21 January 2016 in Bandung as Indonesia's Transportation Ministry has finally issued the track permit (this had been a major hurdle previously).

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  • Summarecon Agung: Successful Launch Summarecon Bandung Project

    The launch of the clusters Amanda and Btari - consisting of 400 residential housing units - in the Summarecon Bandung project was well received by the market last week. Within five hours all units were sold. The Summarecon Bandung project is an ambitious integrated city which includes residential areas, commercial areas and mixed-use areas in the Southeastern part of Bandung (West Java). The company behind this project is publicly-listed Summarecon Agung, an Indonesian real estate construction and development company.

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  • Infrastructure Indonesia: Update High-Speed Railway Jakarta-Bandung Project

    Although the start of construction of the USD $5.5 billion high-speed railway between Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta and Bandung (West Java) is still waiting for the necessary permits as well as a recommendation from the Governor of West Java, there are no crucial matters that disturb the project, says Sahala Lumban Gaol, Chairman of Pilar Sinergi BUMN Indonesia. Pilar Sinergi BUMN Indonesia is a consortium consisting of four Indonesian state-owned companies. Together with China Railway International Co Ltd, this consortium formed a joint venture to develop Indonesia's first high-speed railway project.

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  • Indonesia Cancels Jakarta-Bandung’s High-Speed Train Project

    Indonesia has cancelled further development of the multi-billion high-speed railway between the capital city of Jakarta and Bandung (West Java) as President Joko Widodo decided that Indonesia does not need a train that can reach speeds of over 300 km per hour on the relatively short route (150 km) between both cities. Besides the short distance, there will also be around 14 stations constructed between both terminal stations, implying that the train needs to hit the brakes before it can reach its maximum speed.

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  • Indonesia’s First High-Speed Railway Project: Battle between China and Japan

    According to the latest rumours, the government of Indonesia tends to favour China to build the nation's first high-speed railway that will connect the capital city of Jakarta and Bandung in West Java. Over the past weeks, the ‘battle’ between China and Japan over who will be awarded the contract to construct the high-speed and high-profile railway between both cities (worth approx. USD $5 billion) heightened.

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Latest Columns Railroad Jakarta-Bandung

  • Infrastructure in Indonesia; Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Train Project Needs More Time & Money

    Infrastructure in Indonesia; Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Train Project Needs More Time & Money

    On 30 September 2021 Indonesia’s House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat, DPR) approved the 2022 State Budget (Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara, APBN) that had previously been proposed by the cabinet. And with 14.2 percent of total government spending being reserved for infrastructure development in the 2022 State Budget, the Indonesian government confirms that it remains committed to much-needed infrastructure development.

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  • Indonesian Construction Companies in Focus: Wijaya Karya

    Revenue and profit of Wijaya Karya (Wika), one of Indonesia's biggest construction companies, is partly dependent on developments surrounding the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project. Earlier this month, Indonesian President Joko Widodo ordered an evaluation of this railway project, which saw groundbreaking in 2016 but has shown limited progress ever since.

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  • Construction of Indonesia's Jakarta-Bandung Railway Should Start Soon

    After experiencing a two-month delay due to permitting and concession trouble, the construction of the Jakarta-Bandung fast train should be able to commence soon. Indonesian Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan confirmed on Wednesday (16/03) that his ministry agreed to grant a 50-year concession period to the Chinese-Indonesian consortium named Kereta Cepat Indonesia Cina (KCIC). The granting of this concession means that KCIC should be able to secure the necessary construction and business permits soon. The USD $5.1 billion Jakarta-Bandung railway (in West Java) is one of the mega-infrastructure projects of Indonesia.

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  • China to Build Indonesia's High-Speed Railway Jakarta-Bandung Project

    Last week it was officially announced that China Railway International Co. Ltd, subsidiary of China Railway Group Ltd, together with a consortium consisting of Indonesian state-owned enterprises (which include Pilar Sinergi BUMN Indonesia, Wijaya Karya, Kereta Api, and Jasa Marga) will build Indonesia's first ever high-speed railway, valued at over USD $5 billion, between the capital city of Jakarta and Bandung (in West Java), a route that stretches for approximately 150 km.

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  • Indonesia Accepts China's Proposal for High-Speed Railway Jakarta-Bandung

    China has won a contract to build a high-speed railway between Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta and Bandung (West Java), beating Japan along the way. Earlier this month, the Indonesian government unexpectedly decided to decline proposals from Japan and China for the construction of a multi-billion high-speed railway between both cities as these proposals included financial assistance or a guarantee from the Indonesian government. Moreover, Indonesia considered a super-fast train unnecessary on the relatively short route (150 km).

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